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Our Philosophy:  We believe in artistic, affordable, good quality dentistry with the assurance of comfortable service based on valuable years of experience. Beverly Hills Dentist  Our goal and inspiration as Beverly Hills dentists is to create healthy, beautiful and brighter smiles, which we accomplish with conservative procedures and thoughtful planning.  We understand the importance of modern equipment and safe products. Our digital dental x-ray system by Kodak offers low radiation, but fast and superb image quality.   These images, supplemented by color photos of teeth captured by a small lens that is easily placed in the patient’s mouth, provide tremendous diagnostic capabilities.

We are technologically advanced Beverly Hills dentists committed to patient education. We believe our patients are better served when we give them ample time during the first visit to get to know us and ask questions. At our initial check-up exam/visit, the doctor/doctors meet with each patient to review and discuss Beverly Hills Dental Patientscollected data and images before presenting the final treatment plan.During this discussion, the patient’s needs and desires are considered before a logical and sequentially ordered treatment plan is presented. We know that open communication and patient education is the most effective way to achieve the desired result that the patient is looking for.

Beverly Hills Dentists
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 274-8830

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